Darius-Aurel Frank

Assistant Professor, CEO, PhD, MSc


Recent publications

How the Presence of Employee Avatars Affects Consumers' Shopping Behavior in Virtual Reality

July 16, 2024, Aarhus University, Aarhus

Brands are increasingly leveraging the metaverse to promote their products and services, yet the social influence of avatars in this realm remains largely unexplored. Our latest research reveals that both human and robotic employee avatars can significantly affect purchasing decisions in virtual shopping environments, particularly for embarrassing products.


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Unveiling Metaverse Memory Processes

June 21, 2024 (Updated: July 16, 2024), Aarhus University, Aarhus

Apple's Vision Pro impresses not only with its build quality but also fidelity. This made us wonder how high (vs. low) visual fidelity may affect consumer responses to virtual brand and product experiences. Below, we present results of our most recent study comparing high (vs. low) fidelity on consumers' memory performance in a VR shopping setting.


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Recent events

Thought Leadership Conference: Innovation for a Digital and Aging Society

May 13-14, 2024 at UC3M, Madrid

This research initiative, spearheaded by Professor Tor W. Andreassen (NHH), within the Innovation Index Coalition (IIC), brought together IIC partners and distinguished service researchers, including Professors Jochen Wirtz (National University of Singapore), John Bateson (Bayes Business School), Cristina Mele (University of Naples Federico II), Werner Kunz (University of Massachusetts), and Lars Witell (Linköping University), among others. The initiative aims to address grand challenges at the intersection of technology and demographics: the shift toward a digital and aging society, and the remarkable opportunity to leverage innovation to enhance the well-being of millions globally.

Is This The Year of The Metaverse? Outlining the Landscape of VR, AR and XR technologies

February 1, 2024 13.30 – 17.00 at The Kitchen, Aarhus University

Organised as a collaboration between the Computer Science, Digital Design, and Management departments of Aarhus University, this event was an “eye opening experience” to students, researchers, interaction designers, practitioners, and industry professionals in and around Aarhus. The event discussed current and future applications of these technologies and their relevance for businesses. The event featured a panel discussion, live demo sessions, and a series of engaging 1-Minute Madness pitch session, in which they had the brief one-minute opportunity to present their cutting-edge ideas, prototypes and applications to the audience.

NIMCon 2023 – The NIM Market Decisions Research Meeting

September 17-19, 2023 at NIM, Nuremberg

At NIMCon, scholars met for scientific exchange on consumer behavior and consumer decisions. At this two-day event, researchers from world-leading Universities and research institutions came together to present their latest insights from (behavioral) economics, psychology, marketing, management, data science, artificial intelligence, and business informatics. The speakers included renowned scholars as well as emerging researchers from the scientific community. Together with NIM's excellent team, current research findings and novel approaches to study market decisions were discussed.

Recent projects

30 Years of AI in Marketing

This project leverages machine learning to identify and analyze the most influential research streams within the marketing literature on Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past three decades.

Social Norms Nudges

In a joint effort between AU, CBS, and NIM, this project explores the efficacy of social norms nudges in promoting more sustainable behaviors related to preventable food waste within households.